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2023 Zin

Meyer Manor Winery & Vineyards

Just High Desert Grapes
Coming Soon

Our Ground to Your Glass

Meyer Manor Wine Glasses

Our Desert Soil

The rough terroir of the California High Desert produces hardy vines and grapes with extraordinary sweetness.

Simplicity in Nature

Wine is naturally delicious. Simple, sustainable, and natural processes create wines free of any detectable chemical preservatives or yeast additives.

To your Glass!


Roadmap to Opening!

Meyer Manor is just getting started! Here's what you can expect. To learn about what's coming, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

We're a very small winery startup and make wines we personally think you'll enjoy. We tend to favor warm region vines but are open to suggestions!


Vineyard Construction and Planting

  • Limited Rieslings - Complete (No longer available)

  • Zinfandel - Complete


  • Irrigation Infrastructure - ​Complete

  • Well and Well housing - Complete

  • Road Construction - Complete


  • Small Batch Wine for sampling - Complete

Licenses and Regulation

  • Business Licenses and FBN - Complete


Vineyard Construction and Planting

  • ​Malbec - Complete


  • Winery Construction - Complete

  • South East Landscaping - Complete



Vineyard Construction and Planting

  • Sangiovese - Complete


  • Parking and visitor Access construction - In Progress

  • Walkways construction - In Progress

  • North East and Parking Landscaping - In Progress

  • Road Access Landscaping - In Progress

Licenses and Regulation


Vineyard Construction and Planting

  • ​​Muscat Blanc - Planned


  • Venue Construction - Planned

  • South West Landscaping - Planned

  • North West Landscaping - ​Planned


  • Continued Winery Operations at a Loss - Planned

Licenses and Regulation

  • CA Shipping license - Planned

  • Winery Registration - In Progress

  • Official Opening! - Planned

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Winery solar panels

Solar and Wind

water Well under construction


Steel sustainable fermentation tank


Everything from water pumps to cars, we power them ourselves with in-house solar and battery back-ups! We produce absolutely no emissions from our vineyards to the winery.

All of our water is sourced from our privately owned wells. Which we control and check regularly for only the best quality mineral water.

Sustainably sourcing materials can be very difficult! We do our best to avoid plastics and other non-sustainable materials. Instead, we prefer wood and steel whenever possible. Besides, white Oak goes great with our Zinfandel!


15485 Barker Rd.
Apple Valley CA

(760) 515-2820

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